If you are selected as a Provincial All-Star or a Scholarship Winner you will be notified by your coach at least one week before the banquet. The entire AA and AAA Provincial All-Star Teams, and Players of the Year, will not be announced until until November 28, 2017. All of the selected players and teams will be expected to attend the banquet.

Please contact your coach for more information regarding Academic Scholarships that you might be eligible to receive.

Nominations for All-Conference and Provincial All-Star teams.

The AAA All-Star meetings will be announced September 2017

The AA All-Star meetings will be announced September 2017

The Interior All-Star meeting will be announced September 2017

There will be scholarships awarded along with the 2017 Subway Academic Player of the Year. Please take the time to nominate your deserving players.

If your player(s) is selected as a Conference All-Star, we will contact the head coach to make arrangements regarding the collection of the player's headshot photo and any pertinent statistics.

The Subway All-Star Awards Banquet will be a night these players will never forget. All players are required to attend and will be hosted at no charge. Please note that here will be no All-Star presentations at the Subway Bowl Championships.

All varsity teams participating in the Subway Bowl (AAA and AA) are also expected to attend the banquet at no charge (registered players and coaches only). This is a major initiative for the board of directors and we are hoping for everyone's support.